Latest entries from my blog called Sunrise:

  • VAStGoodies.com security updates
    VAStGoodies.com got some security updates: * the website is updated to the latest jQuery; * the website is now https only; * the new version of the client (VAStGoodies.com Tools) uses https too (ht...
  • AWS Support for VA Smalltalk including a Zinc adapter
    At the ESUG Conference in Köln we presented (slides, video) StAP, an insurance application largely newly written in VA Smalltalk. Since then we've been working on moving the application to the AWS cl...
  • VAST Community Hub launched
    Instantiations just lauched a Tonal-based home for community-made open source software for the VAST Platform (VA Smalltalk). Read about it here: https://github.com/vast-community-hub/getting-started. ...
  • Photos ESUG Conference 2019 and Smalltalk WebCamp
    The photos of the 27th ESUG Conference last year in Köln are finally completed. And also, photos of the Smalltalk WebCamp in Gent, organised and hosted by Yesplan, are available. Click the phot...
  • 10-Year Anniversary of VAStGoodies.com - 1001 uploads
    VAStGoodies.com was launched the 27th of January, 10 years ago now. But not only that, just a few days before that milestone, another milestone was reached: the 1000th upload! During last ESUG I port...
  • Photos of the 2018 ESUG Conference in Cagliari
    My set of photos of the 2018 ESUG Conference in Cagliari is now complete and available here.
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